The holiday season is here and it is time to think about the types of gifts that you will be giving loved ones this year. Sure, you can get online and order something from Amazon, but how personal is that? Gift certificates and money are popular, but the person who gave it is often forgotten the moment the money is spent. Why not give something more meaningful, not to mention more beautiful, by giving a custom wood gift.

One of the most inexpensive wood gifts you can give to someone would be a picture frame encapsulating a special event, such as a wedding or anniversary. However, instead of a plane frame, customize it with hand carvings as well as the date of the actual event. These are just small touches, but they will make a significant difference in both meaning and appearance.

For cigar lovers, what would be better than a handmade humidor? These can be customized with or without a glass window. For those that smoke only on occasion, a small 25-cigar humidor will more than suffice. For collectors and individuals that partake in a smoke regularly, larger humidors can be made that will accommodate hundreds of cigars. These often feature special shelving that when opened fully, create a truly spectacular site.

Jewelry boxes are another great idea for a custom-made wood gift. They can be customized to reflect the current furniture or something unique can be created to set it apart from everything else in the room. These are also great gifts for young ladies, as it will be something they can use their entire life.

For the business professional, you can design a charging station for their iPod and mobile phone or create a desktop ornament, such as a nameplate or perpetual calendar. Gifts such as these can be customized by engraving their name into the wood or by attaching a laser engraved nameplate. Either will make an impression and the gift will surely be displayed proudly for years to come.