Tips for Caring for Your Wood Furniture

You love the beautiful design and functionality of your wood pieces. In order for their exquisiteness to last, there are many things you can do to ensure long-lasting enjoyment. There are a few basics that you need to do on a regular basis. Here is a handy-dandy checklist:

Dust regularly - Nashville TN - Harpeth River Furniture

Dust regularly – Nashville TN – Harpeth River Furniture

  • Dust regularly – there are many different ways to dust, but if you neglect it, it can leave a film of airborne deposits that may damage your furniture
  • Clean – but not with water and soap, and certainly not with all-purpose cleaners
  • Polishing your valuable custom wood pieces does more than make them shiny, it gives them a coat of protection. Silicone oil is recommended.
  • Waxing provides additional protection. If you use liquid wax, the protection layer is thinner so you may have to reapply often. Paste wax can last up to two years. Always rub with the grain. Use a clean, soft cotton cloth to wipe off excess wax. If you wax, do not return to a liquid or commercial spray, as it can penetrate the wax and ruin your work
  • Once a year, you should use a commercial build-up remover. Follow directions carefully.
  • Restore any fades in appearance by using a finish. Don’t place your treasures in direct sunlight and use runners or other decorative covers to protect your finish.
  • Make waxing a monthly routine and clean any wax from hinges, being careful not to scratch surrounding wood

You take care of the things you value. Your custom-designed wood piece should be no exception. Imagine the pride of handing pieces down to your children, knowing that one day they too, will bequeath this lovely item. Well-built and well-cared-for furniture can endure beyond you. Just like anything else — you get out what you put in.